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Small to medium hatchbacks and estate cars - light, cool and washable
A range of fully universal size to fit most makes and models of cars including hatchbacks, estates,
fourwheel drives and pickups. Optional extras including non-slip rubber matting, partition dividers,
top trays and lockable gun drawers. Key Locking Doors as Standard

New DB2004 box in a Volvo V50 Estate

New Models

DB2004 shown above in a Volvo V50 Estate £320
Divider £55
Fits- Audi A4, Octavia Estate, Audi A6

DB2006 - £320 - Divider £55
Fits - Astra Estate 08, Mondeo Estate 09, Freelander 2


DB1 Linton Deluxe
DB2 Lindum Deluxe

DB1 Linton Deluxe
Small hatchback transit box. This model fits: Renault Clio, Citroen AX, VW, Polo, Ford Fiesta and most small hatchbacks.

DB2 Lindum Deluxe
Medium hatchback model. This model fits: Ford Escort and Mondeo, Subaru Impreza, BMW 3 Series and Peugeot 309.

DB3 Tracker Deluxe
DB4 Lincoln Deluxe

DB3 Tracker Deluxe
Small estate model fits: Daihatsu Fourtrack, Toyota RAV4, Landrover Discovery and VW Golf Hatchback with modification.

DB4 Lincoln Deluxe
Shown in new Laguna estate. A taller estate model at 27" high which fits in many large estates, 4WDs and some hatchbacks with seats down. This model has a straight back - useful in the house.

DB5 Rover Deluxe
DB6 Lindale Deluxe

DB5 Rover Deluxe
Shown with extended mesh roof in Mercedes E Class estate with luggage space the side. Also fits Shogun and Landrover type vehicles with rear side seats in.
Box width 29" inches.

DB6 Lindale Deluxe
A popular estate model, shown here with optional solid high top giving 2 inches extra height andsome roof protection. Optional bumper protector available.
Shown in green (insert) option.

New key locking doors as standard

These universal style boxes can be adapted as required with standard mesh top,
extended solid top, mesh high top or solid flat top to suit

DB7 London Deluxe
DB8 Shogun Deluxe

DB7 London Deluxe
Our largest universal box. Fits easily in Mercedes and Volvo estates and LWB Troopers. Takes 4 labradors comfortably. Shownhere with mesh high top in people
carrier (Zafira) with row of seats removed.

DB8 Shogun Deluxe
Shown in Toyota Colorado LWB. Also fits Shogun LWB (old shape) with side seats in. Box shown with optional equipment drawer and optional viewing panel

DB9 Tropper Deluxe
DB10 Ranger Deluxe
DB9 Tropper Deluxe
Discovery and Trooper model also fits Scenic, Jeep Cherokee and vans. This model will fit on top of equipment drawers if required.
DB10 Ranger Deluxe
Range Rover model with optional high top shown in Range Rover, also fits new and Classic Range Rover, Peugeot 405, 307 and other large estates. DB10D model also fits new model Discovery with larger floor area.

Please Note: Due to our policy of continuous improvements to our products,
all products may be subject to modification without notification.

DB10X Deluxe
DB11 Frontier Deluxe

DB10X Deluxe
An upgraded model with added height as standard and view panel. This model fits the new Subaru Forester and both the new and older Range Rovers and the new Discovery.

DB11 Frontier Deluxe
This model fits the Range Rover Sport, BMW 5 Series, Audi A6 estates and Frontera. This model is steeply sloped to match vehicle tailgate. An optional solid high top is available which gives approximately
2 inches extra height.

Larger models for larger estate and 4WD vehicles
Smart car, clean box and safe dogs

DB12 Tourer Deluxe
DB13 Cadet Deluxe

DB12 Tourer Deluxe
Super hatch model shown. Optional mesh high top is available. This fits C Class, BMW 3 Series, Audi A4, Saab 9000, Primera, Volvo V40 and Vectra hatchbacks.

DB13 Cadet Deluxe
New range of boxes to fit all Landrovers including Freelander Mk1. Also fits Vitara LWB, Nissan Terrano SWB and Maverick SWB. Small Top tray shown.

DB14 Freedom Deluxe

DB14 Freedom Deluxe
Shown here in Land Rover 110 pickup with spare wheel in. Also fits Freelander, 4x4s with seats in, LWB Trooper, and many more.

DB2000 Voyager
For large estates and 4WDs eg: Astra, Volvo,Peugeot 405/406,Ford Mondeo,Escort, Focus and Troopers etc. Semi-custom made box gives maximum use of space for large dogs. Available in long and short versions which can be made to fit with seats either up or down.

DB14 Hatchback

DB14 Hatchback
A Modified model 27” high with special doors and lip to suit hatchbacks. Fits Fiesta, Punto, A3 etc.

A tall, thin, box for larger dogs shown here in security van. Also useful as holding box for groomers. Optional black model shown with galvanised door.

DB14 Hatchback

DB14 Hatchback

DB3000 New for ‘07
Large, taller model. GSD size. Ring for details.


LINTRAN - The Complete Transport System
Whether small, medium or large, let Lintran make a box to suit you and your dogs
Lintran is proud to supply most Police and Prison Services
Used by Many Professional Trainers

ISO Registered Company - Guild of Master Craftsman Member

Lintran, Brentwood House, Lincoln Road, Faldingworth, Market Rasen LN8 3SF
Tel: 01673 885959 Tel/Fax: 01673 885956 Mobile: 07831 100085
Office Hours: 9 - 5 Monday to Friday - Visits by Appointment please